The Caddo Mills Police Department currently employs Five full time peace officers and Five reserve peace officers.
The Caddo Mills Police Department currently has 1 full time position and 4 reserve openings with more reserve positions coming soon.
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NamePositionBadge Number
NamePositionBadge Number
K. Collier Chief of Police 900 
R. Delacruz Patrol Sergeant 901 
Open Patrol Officer 902 
E. Jerrols Patrol Officer/SRO 903 
E. Johnson Patrol Officer 904 
T. Herman Patrol Officer 905 
R. Dykes Patrol Officer/SRO 906 
P. Thompson Reserve/FTO/K-9 907 
W. Ryan Reserve Corporal 908 
C. Koski Reserve 909 
K. Rowan Reserve 910 
D. Roten Reserve/FTO 911 
Z. Carter Reserve 912 
Open Reserve 913 
Open Reserve 914 
Open Reserve 915 
Open Reserve 916 
Open Reserve 917 
Open Reserve 918 
Bosco K-9 920 
Showing 20 items