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Canine Unit (K9)

Purpose and History of the Caddo Mills K-9 Unit

A properly trained and handled police canine can be an incredible asset within a police department. Police canines provide law enforcement officers with an enhanced search tool that can aid officers in the detection and prevention of crime. The Caddo Mills Police K-9 Unit is comprised of one canine team designed to provide the maximum amount of safety to officers, citizens, and suspects during the investigation of criminal activities. The team is especially helpful in the investigation of felony criminal offenses. 
The Caddo Mills Police K-9 Unit was officially formed March 2017 by the help of Texas Speed Syndicate, donations, citizens, local businesses and blessed by the city council. The K-9 Unit was started by Officer Thompson with K-9 Bosco. 

The K-9 Unit is always in need of more support.  You may follow the progress or get more information pertaining to helping at:

Canine Unit Officer

Officer P. Thompson and K9 Bosco


Functions of the Canine Unit

Tracking and Area Searches: is able to track suspects who have fled from police officers or a criminal offense.
Evidence Searches: is able to locate contraband discarded by suspects.
Building Searches: is used to search buildings that have been burglarized or used in the commission of criminal offenses.
Narcotics Searches: is used to find illegal narcotics in buildings or vehicles.
Handler Protection: is used to protect officers including the handler from assaults and will react without command if the handlers are assaulted.
Criminal Apprehension: is used to apprehend high-risk criminals that pose a threat to officers or citizens providing greater safety to officers, citizens, and the suspect. 

General Information about Canine Officers & their Dogs

K9 Bosco is trained as a dual purpose police canine.  Dual purpose canines are trained in patrol criminal apprehension as well as narcotics detection. Dual purpose canines are the 24-hour responsibility of their handlers and stay at home with them when the handlers are not on duty. When on duty the canines are in a special kennel built into the backseat of a squad car. After a police canine is retired he is given to his handler to remain a family dog.